2003 National Fine Arts Festival - Washington, D.C.

Rap Group

Name Church Location Rating
Allison Park (RG)r Allison Park Church of the Assembly of God Allison Park, PA Superior
  Group Members: David Scarborough, Josiah Schweinberg
Blackwells Life Church East Syracuse, NY Superior with Honors
  Group Members: Raymond Blackwell, Eric Blackwell II
BME Christian Life Assembly Columbia, SC Superior with Honors
  Group Members: Jameson Jolly, Samuel Njuguna
Calvary RapG -2- The Caring Place Indianapolis, IN Superior
  Group Members: Jackie Alexander, Randall Benjamin
Christ Chapel RG Christ Chapel Woodbridge, VA Superior
  Group Members: Chante Bryant, Karen Moultrie, Megan Seagears
First AG (RG) First Assembly of God Front Royal, VA Superior
  Group Members: Jonathan Perry, Richard Roman
First Assembly Rap First Assembly of God Raleigh, NC Superior
  Group Members: Aaron Murray, Tiffany Musick, Jonathan Walker
G.O.C. Rap Group Grace Outreach Center Rio Rancho, NM Superior
  Group Members: William Crawley, Christopher Ferguson
Greenville 1st A/G Rap Group First Assembly of God Greenville, SC Superior
  Group Members: Andrew Baker, Jasper Furniss, Jayson Sherrod
Hominy 1st Rap Group First Assembly of God Hominy, OK Superior
  Group Members: Cody Baker, Brandon Bedient, Christal Brown, Nathan Phelps, Stephen Spurgeon
InkStorm Rap Group Faith Assembly of God Orlando, FL Superior with Honors
  Group Members: Christina Evans, Eze Nnadi, Pedro Santiago
Jubilee Christian Center - RG Jubilee Christian Center Fairfax, VA Superior
  Group Members: Daniel Korang, Cedric Rice, Adam Wirth
Rap Central Assembly of God Springfield, MO Superior
  Group Members: Abby Hines, Twyla Kearney, Bethany Scotch
RAP Evangel Church Kansas City, MO Excellent
  Group Members: Jermaine Mack, Justin McNack, Jordan MnNack
RAP Fresh Start Assembly of God Peoria, AZ Superior
  Group Members: Matthew Gruiowski, Levi Peetz
Rap Group First Assembly of God Searcy, AR Superior
  Group Members: Adam Emberson, Lynn Middleton
Rock Hill Faith RG Faith Assembly Rock Hill, SC Superior
  Group Members: Brittany Hayden , Melinda Horst, Rachel Williams
The Lord's Mafia- TLM Journey Church Katy, TX Superior
  Group Members: Kevin Murphree, Jeremy Schwartz, Ryan Shhwartz
Victory Christian Center Rap Group Victory Christian Center Assembly of God Lowellville, OH Superior with Honors
  Group Members: Isaac Arroyo, Chris Loncar, Brian Willis
Victory Rap Victory Worship Center Tucson, AZ Superior
  Group Members: Sean Hall, Addison Johnson, Richard Rodriguez