2013 National Fine Arts Festival - Orlando, FL

Vocal Ensemble, Small

Name Church Location Rating
#Accabelieveit Glad Tidings Assembly of God Ocoee, FL Superior
  Group Members: Shayna Decker, Caleb Fobes, McKenzie Roberson, Christina Santos
#Patrayton Covenant Assembly of God Kingman, KS Excellent
  Group Members: Patrick Orr, Krayton Williams
'Lil Martins Calvary Christian Center Ormond Beach, FL Superior
  Group Members: Chandler Groover, Jessica McCoy, Bailey Redmond
10,000 Reasons Northview Church Fargo, ND Excellent
  Group Members: Sabrina Fogderud, Molly Sondreal
15 Squared CFA Church Concord, NC Superior
  Group Members: Mikaela Maloy, Dylan Rose
1Voice First Assembly of God of Memphis Memphis, TN Excellent
  Group Members: Allison Perez, Grace Waddell
24SEVEN The Worship Center Houston, TX Superior
  Group Members: Anissa Garcia, Kasandra Williams
4 Him Freedom Christian Assembly of God Sterling Heights, MI Excellent
  Group Members: Keagan Banfield, Ryan Reed, Emily Reeves, Tamara Sturdivant
4 the King Christian Life Center Fort Lauderdale, FL Superior
  Group Members: Tobi Morakinyo, Shameika Shields
4 the One Hillside Church Mankato, MN Excellent
  Group Members: Alexa Friedrichs, Jisoo Kim, Hannah Miltimore, Mishya Rowe
50/50 Victory Christian Flwshp Assembly of God Audubon, PA Excellent
  Group Members: Haley Crenshaw, Ethan Neal
A-Team Living Hope Family Worship Center Florahome, FL Superior
  Group Members: Amber Spedden, Ashley Spedden, Austin Spedden
A.E. Harvest Ridge Church Saint John, IN Excellent
  Group Members: Abigael Johnson, Emma Johnson
Aasha & Camiah Auburn Hills Christian Center Auburn Hills, MI Superior
  Group Members: Aasha Taber, Camiah Tutstone
Abbie, Kristi & Mel Centerpointe Church at Fair Oaks Fairfax, VA Superior
  Group Members: Abbie Cook, Kristi Edwards, Melanie Edwards
Aienna Grace Outreach Center Rio Rancho, NM Excellent
  Group Members: Jenna Duarte, Aimery Gonzales
All the Poor & Powerless First Assembly of God Odessa, TX Excellent
  Group Members: Audrey Adkins, Taylor Thompson
All Things New Allison Park Church of the Assembly of God Allison Park, PA Excellent
  Group Members: Abby Biernesser, Thomas Brletic, Bailey Lutynsky, Jennifer Tambellini
Alyssa, Brianna & Eve Christian Life Center Assembly of God Bensalem, PA Superior
  Group Members: Alyssa McClave, Brianna McClave, Eve Nesterenko
Ama & Lily Evangel Church Kansas City, MO Excellent
  Group Members: Lily Cox, Ama Idun
Ashley & Madison Central Assembly of God Springfield, MO Excellent
  Group Members: Ashley DeVries, Madison Kolstad
B-Rock Ladies Bethel's Rock Richfield, MN Excellent
  Group Members: McKenzie Biffert, Lauren Freitag, Maddie Harding, Emma Johnson
Baked Toast Tri-County Worship Center Bethel, PA Excellent
  Group Members: Matthew Baker, Stephen Baker, Eric Santos
Beautiful Things Evangel Assembly of God Bismarck, ND Excellent
  Group Members: Emily Aichele, Brianna Sipes
Beauty & the Beast First Assembly of God Mexia, TX Excellent
  Group Members: Olivia Cannon, Josh Hallmark
Believe First Assembly of God Odessa, TX Good
  Group Members: Amanda Adkins, Veronica Rogers, Tate Thompson
Belles Arlington Assembly of God Arlington, VA Excellent
  Group Members: Jasmine Briley, Genevieve Heller
Benna Arise Assembly of God Brandon, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Jenna Blount, Rebecca Whittaker
Blessings Harvest Outreach Church of the Assemblies of God Wahpeton, ND Good
  Group Members: Abreena Knudsen, Jenna Seidler
Bound by Love Evangel Temple Columbus, GA Excellent
  Group Members: Ashley Cooper, Kara Hammonds, Kelyn Hammonds, Kristin Mixon
Brandon & Halie Thousand Hills Church Corinth, TX Superior
  Group Members: Brandon Arreaga, Halie Arreaga
Brooke & Jefferson Thousand Hills Church Corinth, TX Superior
  Group Members: Brooke Tauaefa, Jefferson Williams
Brothers New Hope Fellowship High Ridge, MO Excellent
  Group Members: Raed ElMansy, Sam Short
Bugs & Spuds Grace Assembly of God Spring City, PA Excellent
  Group Members: Elizabeth Fain, Julie Fain
C.H.A. Capitol Hill Assembly of God Oklahoma City, OK Excellent
  Group Members: Hunter Konemann, Tiffany Richardson
C.Y.C. Calvary Assembly of God Dover, DE Excellent
  Group Members: Danny Ortiz, Cassie Primo
Called Higher Northplace Church of the Assemblies of God Sachse, TX Superior
  Group Members: Hailey Dufrene, Anna Dunn, Kelsey Dunn, Lydia Jacques
Compel First Assembly of God Lexington, KY Superior
  Group Members: Rachel Johnson, Abby Yates, Rachel Yates
Consuming Fire Assembly of God Bethpage, NY Excellent
  Group Members: Kaitlin Foster, Jessica Shukri
David & Raquel Generacion de Fe Orlando, FL Excellent
  Group Members: David Peraza, Raquel Perez-Pellot
Delivery Minier Assembly of God Minier, IL Superior
  Group Members: Savannah King, Chloe Thacker, Gabriel Thacker
Devon & Ariele Calvary Christian Church Lynnfield, MA Excellent
  Group Members: Devon Costello, Ariele Lee
Dizzy First Assembly of God Sumter, SC Excellent
  Group Members: Destiny Banar, Isabel Sneider
Do It Like the Bowers First Coast Christian Center Jacksonville, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Ariel Bowers, Brianna Bowers
E., K. & J. Trinity Fellowship Assembly of God Sharpsburg, GA Excellent
  Group Members: Ellexa Anthony, Kenzie McGinnis, Julianna Smaltz
Elevation Woodland Church Brownstown, MI Excellent
  Group Members: Christopher Drouillard, Connor Roy, Melody Warda, Phillip Warda
Erin + Marissa Church Alive of the Assemblies of God Fuquay Varina, NC Excellent
  Group Members: Erin Pender, Marissa Pender
Faith, Lindsey & Heather Oak Orchard Assembly of God Medina, NY Excellent
  Group Members: Faith Bentley, Lindsey Hill, Heather Mufford
Faithful Jubilee Christian Center Fairfax, VA Superior
  Group Members: Veronica Figueroa, Luke Mockabee, Jordan O'Berry
Faithful Allelluias Summit Church Saint Paul, MN Excellent
  Group Members: Faith Colestock, Alleluia Musabyimana
Fire Escape Faith Church Pendleton Indiana Pendleton, IN Excellent
  Group Members: Madison Finch, Christa Fortney, Eryn Watson
Fourbearance Allison Park Church of the Assembly of God Allison Park, PA Excellent
  Group Members: Jolyn Jones, Andrew Maust, Sarah McAtee, Colin Robinson
Fourcast Encounter Church Groves, TX Superior
  Group Members: Maddie Corkran, Ashlea Ladwig, Emily Moore, Olivia Wysingle
Free Auburn Hills Christian Center Auburn Hills, MI Superior
  Group Members: Emily Imbrunone
Free Brightmoor Christian Church Novi, MI Excellent
  Group Members: Ally Broadright, Gretchen Brockway
G'd up From the Feet Up Cathedral in the Pines Christian Center Beaumont, TX Superior
  Group Members: Collin Brice, Rebekah Harrod, Taylor Jacks, Logan Wilson
Godfil New Life Assembly of God Escanaba, MI Excellent
  Group Members: Anissa Godfrey, Jimmy Panfil
Good-Better-Bettis Family Life Assembly of God Katy, TX Excellent
  Group Members: Chailey Bettis, Cherish Bettis
Grant & Colette Peoples Church Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH Excellent
  Group Members: Grant Barnes, Colette Beard
Grisham & Purkey The Bridge Assembly of God Mustang, OK Superior
  Group Members: Lauren Grisham, Lindsey Grisham, Luke Grisham, Lyndi Purkey
He Is Here Evangel Temple Assembly of God Jacksonville, FL Superior
  Group Members: Rachel McDaniel, Rebekah McDaniel
He Wants It All Living Water Fellowship Kissimmee, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Bethany Brooks, Sienna Lolar, Danielle Rodrigues
Heart to Heart Central Assembly of God Cumberland, MD Excellent
  Group Members: Madison Epperly, Kali Raley
Hearts United Fair Ridge Pentecostal Assembly of God Shade Gap, PA Superior
  Group Members: Tanner Locke, Courtney McMullen
Heavenly Harmonies Muldoon Community Assembly of God Anchorage, AK Excellent
  Group Members: Annaleisa Kress, Grace Robuck
High & Lifted Up Calvary Christian Center Ormond Beach, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Ciera Banks, Rebekah Collins, Aimee Duncan, Abigail Gonzalez
I Love the Way You Hold Me Dream City Church Phoenix Phoenix, AZ Superior
  Group Members: Jordan Dunn, Joshua Dunn, Alyssa Shea Pangilinan, Jesse Taffet
I Will Fly Calvary Christian Center Ormond Beach, FL Superior
  Group Members: Kinzi Budzilek, Rebecca Rodriguez, Ashley Trask
Instruments Thousand Hills Church Corinth, TX Superior
  Group Members: Krista Ihle, Sheridan Williams
Jacob & Mary Springfield Assembly of God Akron, OH Superior
  Group Members: Mary Giacomoni, Jacob Rummell
Janna & Brenden Sunbury Assembly of God Sunbury, OH Excellent
  Group Members: Brenden Kent, Janna Kent
Jenn-Lee Assembly of God Medina, OH Excellent
  Group Members: Emily Howard, Jenna Howard
Jewels for Jesus Christian Life Church Vernon Campus Vernon, CT Excellent
  Group Members: Tiffany Cosgrove, Marisa McKee
Jocelyn & David Lake Wylie Christian Assembly of God Lake Wylie, SC Superior
  Group Members: Jocelyn Boulware, Daniel Perkins
Jordanne & Suzie New Hope Southwest Ranches, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Jordanne Cantrill, Suzie Fyodorov
Jubilee Three Jubilee Christian Center Fairfax, VA Excellent
  Group Members: Rachel Colon, Jordan Hinkle, Eden Tekola
Just Du-et Central Assembly of God Great Falls, MT Superior
  Group Members: Shanna Laughlin, Christa Miller
Just Duet First Assembly of God Springdale, AR Superior
  Group Members: Austin Hazelton, Joshua Hoover
Kacie, Mikaila, Nikki & Amanda LIFE Church AG Fruitland Park, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Mikaila Allen, Amanda Latimer, Nikki Lopez, Kacie Rix
Kaio: Change in Me First Assembly of God Fort Myers, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Mallory Dillon, Robin Mitchell, Paige Stites, Julie Wagner
Kellum Sisters Praise Assembly Monmouth, OR Excellent
  Group Members: Alyssa Kellum, Shayla Kellum
King's Dreams Faith Assembly of God Orlando, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Noel Escapa, Angel Sidley, Nikki Sidley, Michael Walker
King's Visions Faith Assembly of God Orlando, FL Superior
  Group Members: Nick Daas, Rebekah Haddock, Olivia Martinez, Breanna Perkins
Lakenzie Bethel Assembly of God Quincy, IL Excellent
  Group Members: Leah Fuqua, Makenzie Stark
Laura & Kyle First Assembly of God Haworth, OK Superior
  Group Members: Laura Holeman, Kyle Price
Living Proof Christ Chapel Woodbridge, VA Superior
  Group Members: Micah Harris, Brianna Thomas
MacCallum & Waldrop Christian Life Assembly Columbia, SC Superior
  Group Members: Katherine Laurel MacCallum, Chandler Waldrop
Mariah & Rachael New Life Christian Assembly Haverhill, MA Excellent
  Group Members: Rachel McCoy, Mariah Panza
McPolk Christian Life Assembly Columbia, SC Superior
  Group Members: Hannah McLelland, Bethany McLellard, Jillian Polk, Rebekah Polk
Me & Her Grace Outreach Center Rio Rancho, NM Superior
  Group Members: Kyla Barnard, Shanon Velarde
Mini V.O.T. Faith Assembly of God Orlando, FL Superior
  Group Members: Kara Hawayek, Dominic Polverino-Martinez, Tiffany Ranieri, Sydney Wilson
Minors Details Assembly of God Bethpage, NY Superior
  Group Members: Kimberly Cosgrove, Jillian Degioia, Michael Fenimore
Motivate The Church at Wellington Assembly of God Little Rock, AR Excellent
  Group Members: Melainie Jackson, Carolyn Reeves
Nothing but the Blood Life360 Church Chesterfield Campus Springfield, MO Superior
  Group Members: Destiny Campbell, Hannah Cederblom, Tara Cederblom, Anna Dragoo
O'Grain Lift Church Venice, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Cierra Cain, Olivia Gray, Joy O'Brien
Oh How I Need You ReaLife Assembly Erie, PA Superior
  Group Members: Darah Appling, Jocelyn Grove, Moriah LaPlaca
Once More, With Feeling! Faith Assembly of God Orlando, FL Superior
  Group Members: Katherine Abreu, Adianes Aviles, Tiffany Brown, Chris Pereira
One King Heritage Church Assembly of God Dublin, VA Excellent
  Group Members: Katie Nozzi, Casandra Smith
OneLife Girls First Assembly of God Mountain Home, AR Excellent
  Group Members: Kristin Baergen, McKenna McCain
Orphans of God Winston-Salem First Winston Salem, NC Excellent
  Group Members: Taryn Bonner, Tyrice Lattimore, Brittany Whitaker, Rachael Whitaker
Overflow Christian Life Assembly Camp Hill, PA Excellent
  Group Members: Caitlin Colbert , Carissa Parson, Aria Walker, Travis Wilson
P., B., J. & K. First Assembly of God Des Moines, IA Superior
  Group Members: Paige Cramer, Justin Dodd, Kyla Grau, Brinnon Schaub
P.K. x 3 South Hills Assembly of God Bethel Park, PA Excellent
  Group Members: Emily Boisvert, Melody Boisvert , Breanna Sutton
PB&J Glad Tidings Assembly of God West Lawn, PA Excellent
  Group Members: Rachel Baines, Rebekah Baines
Powerhouse Cathedral of Praise Assembly of God Cordova, TN Good
  Group Members: Jenna Jenkins, Patricia Mania
Praise2Him Crossroads Community Church Assembly of God Oberlin, OH Excellent
  Group Members: Alexandra Davila, Ashley Davila
Refuge Transformation Church Altoona, PA Excellent
  Group Members: D-Jay Dunio, Kenna Dunio
Refuge Westside Family Worship Center Assembly of God Jacksonville, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Rachel Lambert, Pamela Rueda, Kourtney Touchton
Refuge Voices Nixa First Assembly of God Nixa, MO Superior
  Group Members: Cailee Spaeny, Joy Werner
Resistance Youth Ministry First Assembly of God Lindsay, OK Superior
  Group Members: Kendra Grosso, Kimberly Grosso, Rosalyn Hutcheson
Resonate Praise Assembly of God Pueblo, CO Excellent
  Group Members: Jonah Archuleta, Sarah Blevins, Kenny Ortiz
Rhea Sisters Trinity Temple Assembly of God Arkadelphia, AR Excellent
  Group Members: Makayla Rhea, Makenzie Rhea
Salt, Pepper & Paprika Power House Assembly of God Moore, OK Superior
  Group Members: Riley Elmore, Rebekah Hilburn, Zoe McKee
Sara Ray & Holli Honoski First Assembly of God Cocoa, FL Superior
  Group Members: Holli Honoski, Sarah Ray
Savannah & Shannon First Assembly of God Sumter, SC Excellent
  Group Members: Shannon Chaney, Savannah McCause
Set Afire River of Life Assembly of God Alachua, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Sarah Evans, Ciara Underwood
Sherman & Tarango Trinity Assembly of God Rawlins, WY Excellent
  Group Members: Zach Sherman, Autumn Tarango
Shofar Living Water Fellowship Kissimmee, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Janelle Lopez, Jesley Lopez
Siblings in Christ Christ Chapel Woodbridge, VA Excellent
  Group Members: Julian Hiligh, B. Emmanuel Knotts, Gabrielle Schmitt
Singin' Sisters The Peoples Church Salem, OR Excellent
  Group Members: Elissa Gasbarro, Rosa Gasbarro
Sister Act First Assembly of God Broken Bow, OK Superior
  Group Members: Elizabeth Lester, Laura Lester
Sisters Assembly of God Pawnee, IL Excellent
  Group Members: Andrea Condon, Sydney Condon
Skyline Discover Church Burnsville, MN Excellent
  Group Members: Karlee Mitchell, Sarah Wolf
Souled Out River of Life Assemblies of God Church Mabelvale, AR Excellent
  Group Members: Lexa Carpenter, Kinsey Sebren
Stellar Stars Journey Church Kenosha, WI Superior
  Group Members: Lauren Drysdale, Allison Schimenti, Matthew Short
Sweet Song Harvest Assembly of God Fort Worth, TX Excellent
  Group Members: Bridgett Donnells, Jacob Utter
Symphony Sorrows Western Heights Assembly of God Albuquerque, NM Excellent
  Group Members: Cyanne Garcia, Zachery Greenwalt
Templo Ensemble Templo Cristiano Uvalde, TX Superior
  Group Members: Jonathan Alcantar, Ruth Alcantar
The Clarkes Christian Life Assembly Columbia, SC Excellent
  Group Members: Cayla Clarke, Cy'ree Clarke
The Duets Ellicott City Assembly of God Ellicott City, MD Excellent
  Group Members: Basilica Arockiaraj, Eni Owoeye
The Girls Eden Prairie Assembly of God Eden Prairie, MN Superior
  Group Members: Ariana Culbertson, Serena Curran, Natalie Poppen
The Grissom Trio CFA Church Concord, NC Superior
  Group Members: Emily Grissom, Hannah Grissom, Kacey Grissom
The Johnson Sisters Southside Assembly of God Lakeland, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Adison Johnson, Crimson Johnson
The McElhenny Sisters Northville Christian Assembly of God Northville, MI Excellent
  Group Members: Andrea McElhenny, Autumn McElhenny
The Porcupine Faith Assembly of God Orlando, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Miguel Alvelo, Jenae Clark, Mariela Hernandez
The Source Presents: Adelfi Love Chapel Springs Assembly of God Church Bristow, VA Excellent
  Group Members: Kelsey Davis, Taylor Davis
The Warren Sisters CrossPoint Community Ch Walled Lake, MI Superior
  Group Members: Bethany Warren, Brooke Warren, Kendra Warren
The Waterfall The Church at Chapelhill Douglasville, GA Excellent
  Group Members: Sabrina McIntyre, Shelby Shearon
This Little Light Harvestime Assembly of God Eau Claire, WI Excellent
  Group Members: Adrian Cramer, Katerina Loewenhagen, Alexis Steinke
Three Girls & a Song First Assembly of God Tuscaloosa, AL Excellent
  Group Members: Loren Caudle, Malorie Pounders, Emily Seay
Treble & Bass First Assembly of God Steelville, MO Superior
  Group Members: Jacob Beers, Jordan Beers, Madison Bouse
Treble Tones Bethel Assembly of God Chambersburg, PA Superior
  Group Members: Megan Bard, Abby Kauffman, Karlee Kipe
Trimuse The Assembly West Monroe, LA Superior
  Group Members: Melodie Jackson, Josh Qualls, Eden Townsend
Trinity Trinity Assembly of God West Chester, PA Excellent
  Group Members: Tamara Beiswenger, Destiny McClellen, Kaylie Scullin
Two Chicks First Assembly of God Griffin, GA Excellent
  Group Members: Hayley Atha, Grace Preston
TwoTwelve: Acca-Awesome Copper Pointe Church Albuquerque, NM Superior
  Group Members: Lindsay DeKleva, Tori Elliott, Sarah Santana, Lyric Urzetta
Tyler & Paris Rock Community Assembly of God Fair Haven, MI Excellent
  Group Members: Tyler Armstrong, Paris Primeau
U-Turn First Assembly of God Fordyce, AR Excellent
  Group Members: Zoe Ledbetter, Tori Tidwell
Unexpected Crossway Comm Church Valencia, PA Excellent
  Group Members: William Blackham, Allison Fox, Nolan Fox
Vertical Echo Grand Rapids First Assembly of God Grand Rapids, MI Superior
  Group Members: Micah Buck, Lauren Elliott, Alyssa Fountain, Sarah Rijfkogel
Victor's Crown Calvary Christian Center Ormond Beach, FL Superior
  Group Members: Cayla Cue, Olivia Cue, Joselyn Dontfraid, Channing Raley
Vintage: Salt & Pepper Cathedral of Praise Assembly of God Cordova, TN Excellent
  Group Members: Chandler Coleman, Chase Cooper
Voices of Praise El Shaddai Assembly of God Nazareth, PA Superior
  Group Members: Katelyn Fox, Emily Hinton
Wade in the Water City Church of Orlando Sanford, FL Superior
  Group Members: Kaila Booker, Tiffany Castro, Miranda Mundo, Nicole Munizzi
Wants It All First Assembly of God Dothan, AL Excellent
  Group Members: Robbie Randall, Meagan Sullivan
Wes & Cheech Colonial Heights Assembly of God Wichita, KS Excellent
  Group Members: Cheira Combs, Weston Combs
Your Great Name Calvary Christian Center Ormond Beach, FL Superior
  Group Members: LeAnne Dekrey, Ashton Groover, Lauren Lebron, Nicholas McKenney
Zach & Victoria Berean Assembly of God Pleasant Hill, IA Excellent
  Group Members: Zachary Blair, Victoria Young