2015 National Fine Arts Festival - Orlando, FL

Children's Literature

Name Church Location Rating
Alice Crossroads Assembly of God Albertville, AL Excellent
  Group Members: Hannah Byrd, Evan Quintana
Andy's Adventure LifePoint Church of the Assemblies of God Crestview, FL Excellent
  Group Members: Elisha Daughtry
Angelic Writings South Hills Assembly of God Bethel Park, PA Excellent
  Group Members: Shayaan Meyers, Alexandria Thornton
God Protects First Assembly of God Dalhart, TX Superior
  Group Members: Shannon Fiscus
Journey to the Ark Warwick Assembly of God Hampton, VA Superior
  Group Members: Jordan Beamer, Katie Bishop, Olivia Bishop
Kip's Adventure Multiply Church Concord, NC Excellent
  Group Members: Hannah Grissom
One Little Pot Sunbury Assembly of God Sunbury, OH Superior
  Group Members: Kathryn Schnuerer
Patty the Positive Panda Grace Assembly of God Syracuse, NY Superior
  Group Members: Jasmine Stickel
Reginald's Tale LifePoint Church of the Assemblies of God Crestview, FL Superior
  Group Members: Chirsta Daughtry
Teo the Lonely Tiger Dream City Church Phoenix Phoenix, AZ Superior
  Group Members: Kendall Hood, Lizzie Vandenboom
The Sweet Tree Rock Community Church Red Oak, TX Superior
  Group Members: Faith Ruble
You Are Mine Northville Christian Assembly of God Northville, MI Superior
  Group Members: Sophia Hawkins